Bushtech Drawers and Sliders

Built in Africa to take on the world

Bushtech drawers and sliders

We understand protecting your gear is critically important that’s why we have come up with smart ways to keep your gear organized, safe and easily accessible.

Our drawers

Our drawer systems are able to be ordered in an equal (50/50 split) or an unequal (60/40 split) with the large draw fitted on the left or right side.


  • Fully carpeted drawers.
  • Sealed roller bearings for ultimate reliability. 
  • Slam shut and lockout function. 
  • Provisions for a water tank.
  • Removable side wing panels.
  • Deck covered in a hard-wearing automotive carpet.
  • Multiple accessories available to suit your needs. 
  • Drawers are made from strong, lightweight aluminium.


Our slides are designed to provide easy access to your fridge or gear. 


  • Lightweight aluminium construction. 
  • Lockout function. 
  • Built-in cutting board.
  • Heavy duty bearing slides.
  • Can carry fridges, boxes or gear. 
  • Multiple accessories to choose from. 


Bushtech Drawer Systems are designed for on and off-road touring. Our main focus is to provide a system not only to maximize packing space but give you easy access to your gear or fridge. 

The modular design allows you to choose from four different configurations giving you the freedom to choose the best setup for your application. 

We have a range of accessories such as energy chains, fridge cages or water tanks to complement the system. 


Bushtech Sliders are able to be mounted on any flat surface, providing easy access to your fridge or gear. 


The sliders come standard with a handy built-in cutting board, providing added surface space when you need it. 


They are manufactured with a unique lock-out function, keeping your slide extended on uneven surfaces. 

Bushtech tray system drawers

The Bushtech Tray System Drawers are designed to provide the ultimate storage solution for your tray canopy. 


Choose from five different sizes and configurations. The medium drawers have an option for a slide-out stainless steel table, providing quick and easy access to additional surface space. 


All the drawers have a lock-out function.

Bushtech suv drawer systems

Our Bushtech SUV Drawer Systems have been designed to provide multiple packing levels in the rear of your SUV. 


The drawers are able to accommodate a fridge, solving the need for a drop-down slide, in turn reducing the overall weight. 

Did you know all Bushtech aluminium canopies and 4×4 accessories are designed, tested, and manufactured in South Africa, supporting local communities and creating job opportunities.