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  • Standard with a height adjustable shelf.
  • Available in 2 different depths.
  • Lined with a durable carpet.
  • Kitchen foam insert available.


The carpeted cupboard easily slots into the Bushtech Aluminium Canopy subframe and can be mounted in the front, rear or side-by-side of the canopy. The cupboard comes standard with a height adjustable shelf and is fully carpeted allowing you to Velcro items to the inside of the cupboard. Best used to place recovery gear, kitchen goods or as extra packing space.


Product Dimensions:


Outer- 70cmL x 44cmH x 25cm or 30cm Depth



Weight – 5kg

Material – Aluminium Powder Coated and Carpeted.

Toyota Hilux Vigo Carpeted Cupboard


Cupboard Canvas Storage Bag
Foam Kitchen Insert
Drop Down Table
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