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Aluminium is around 30% lighter than stainless steel or mild steel and much more flexible, allowing us to manufacture a canopy that is lighter and stronger.


Aluminium is also more resistant to corrosion compared to other materials. Your typical stainless-steel canopy has a high carbon content that will rust if the coating is damaged.

Bushtech has been manufacturing aluminium canopies for over 12 years and are internationally recognised in Africa, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and has pioneered many of the designs you see on competitor brands today. Some of which have tried to replicated the cosmetic appearance but often compromising on functionality and quality. Always make sure it’s an original Bushtech canopy.

All our canopies come standard with unique roof rails that can mount most brands of roof racks, load bars and rooftop tents. These rails have unique design features that prevent bolts from damaging the rail on bad roads. Our rails are compatible with standard M8 bolts, M8 eye nuts and cargo loops.

Our canopies have been tested to carry over 2500kg. This is critical as weight on the roof is aggravated over bad road conditions. The specially designed frame has been developed to carry loads such as roof top tents and fully loaded roof racks. We recommend you always follow vehicle manufacturer load ratings.

Each Bushtech aluminium canopy is manufactured with specialised reinforced internal slotted bars.


Unlike other canopies that use rivet nuts, our bars are fully slotted allowing the user endless options to suspend or secure items from the roof such as tables, solar panels, camping chairs or cargo nets. The rails use a standard M8 bolt.

Bushtech aluminium canopies are manufactured according to your personal preference and are available in a tread plate or smooth plate finish.

There are a wide variety of standard colour options available for our aluminium canopies. You have a choice between White/ Textured Black/ Dark grey or Beige for your Frame. Silver/ Medium Grey/ Dark Grey /Textured Black /White or Beige for your panels.

All Bushtech aluminium canopies come standard with a 10-year frame warranty that is upheld for the full 10 years of the canopy and is not void if the canopy changes hands like some competitor brands. This helps with resale value.

Yes! Bushtech is the only company on the market that comes with a yearly complementary service for 10 years. We care about our product and our customers, that is why we want to ensure it works the way it should for many years to come.

All Bushtech canopy doors are constructed with triple bends and specialised bracings where the shocks and locks are mounted to. This gives the door superior strength, preventing door flex on bad road conditions and provides better dust sealing capabilities. The canopy is fitted with a pressure equaliser vent to neutralise any negative pressure in the canopy reducing the chances of dust being sucked in . Automotive door rubbers are mounted on the doors, not the frame which protects them from being damaged when loading and offloading.

All Bushtech aluminium canopies come standard with large black electroplated locks which are key alike. Each lock has an adjustor to maximise the sealing ability and fitted with our own UV stabilised sealing rubber.

All of our Bushtech aluminium canopies come standard with specialised gullwing doors allowing easy access into the load box. This is one of the biggest advantages over your conventional fibre glass canopy.

All of the Bushtech aluminium canopy doors are laser cut using the latest CAD software, giving us the ability to manufacture the panels with precision. Panels are bent using the latest hydraulic bending machines.

Our canopies are manufactured using European-spec continuous hinges. These hinges are completely water and dust proof, aiding the canopies sealing ability and giving it a sleek look. They have many advantages over conventional door hinges used on the market, preventing water and dust entering the canopy when the doors are opened.

A front and rear glass come standard with all our aluminium canopies. A sliding front window and shatterproof tinted rear windows are available as additional options as well as side door sliding windows.

A pressure equalizing vent helps neutralise negative pressure in the rear of the load box. This prevents dust from forcing its way past the door sealing rubbers. It’s important that all aluminium canopies are fitted with an air filter to prevent dust from finding its way through the vent.

All our aluminium canopy doors have pre-laser cut holes to run any wiring, without the need to drill holes. Doors are fitted with bracings that cables can run in which reduces the chances of the wiring being damaged and the need for gluing or using lugs to mount cables.

The Bushtech aluminium canopy is the only unit on the market with specialised structural bracings in all its doors, the shocks and locks are all mounted to this bracing. This gives the door superior strength compared to competitors.

Not at all. The Bushtech aluminium canopy can be easily removed with a standard size 13mm socket or spanner on selected models or a standard Allen key with a 10mm tube socket for other models.

Bushtech is one of the only aluminium canopies on the market with a custom suspension base rubber specifically designed for heavy load and vehicle chassis movement. The rubber has multiple ribs on it to seal on uneven rubberising and will always retain its memory. It’s best to not purchase a canopy that uses a sponge rubber between the load box and canopy as it will collapse over time, causing damage to the canopy or the load box.

Choosing the best setup for your overlanding, camping or day-to-day needs feels like a daunting task with so many options available and an unlimited array of different setups. This is the reason why we developed the Bushtech Aluminium Canopy. 


We have pioneered the concept of a completely modular aluminium canopy where you as a user are able to personally customize your canopy suited for your individual trips, be it driving down to the coast for a long weekend or an all out two week adventure through the Okavango Delta – you are able to kit out your canopy for these trips and once your trip is over, unclip your accessories leaving you with a day-to-day canopy. 



With all the options available, we will break them down in stages providing a guideline as to how you can build up your canopy. 



Stage 1: Building a strong foundation 



Cab slider: Provides air circulation in the canopy for Camping fridges, pets or people. 6mm Shatterprufe tinted rear glass. Providing added security, reducing temps and a must for towing. 


Thermal insulation: Reduces the internal temperature critical for your fridge, dual battery system and pets. 


Tailgate & Load box Dust kit: A vehicle specific dust sealing kit preventing unwanted dust from entering through the tailgate or load box. 


Stage 2: Choosing your accessories 


Stainless steel table with Bracket: Quick and easy workspace stored out of the way. 


Ammo box holder: Provides a 2nd level packing space supporting up to 3 ammo boxes allowing easy access to items beneath it. 


Ammo box Clamps: A quick locking system for your ammo boxes. 


LED lights: Placed in the rear celling and each side door of the canopy. 


Stage 3: Picking storage options 


Large storage Box: Adds an additional packing compartment. 


Aluminium Carpeted Cupboard: Kitchen/recovery or general items. 


This is a very basic guideline to help you build your custom canopy. We offer a wide range of accessories that complement the above and can be viewed by checking out our Canopy Accessories page.

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