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Bushtech TRAY & Canopy Range

Discover the perfect fusion of functionality and style with our premium Bushtech Tray and Canopy. 


Designed to elevate your vehicle’s capabilities and packing space while safeguarding your valuable cargo. Our tray and canopy is a testament to durability, innovation, and sleek design.

Quality Design

Introducing our premium Bushtech Tray and Canopy: 

Unleash the power of versatility and ultimate protection

The Bushtech Tray comes standard with an integrated 75L water tank with an optional water pump.

Access to an additional storage compartment at the rear of the tray gives you even more room to store spares and tools, but can also be used as an additional table around camp.

Massive door openings gives you uncompromised access to your storage system, camp kitchen and fridge.

The option of upgrading your Tray with a state of the art 12V system that seamlessly integrates with your lighting, water tank, air compressors, water pumps, fridges and additional 12V accessories.

Multiple extra storage compartments keeps your load bay clean and clear of wood, tools and pumps while at the same time gives you easy access to equipment often hidden behind drawer systems.

Why Choose a Bushtech Tray & Canopy

Bushtech Tray & canopy


Design Features



Did you know all Bushtech aluminium canopies and 4×4 accessories are designed, tested, and manufactured in South Africa, supporting local communities and creating job opportunities.